Face to Face counselling/therapy.

Each session will last for 50 minutes weekly, usually at the same day and time each week.   I offer both short and long term work.

Online Therapy: Viber.

Evidence shows that it is the relationships between client and therapist that makes for successful outcomes and that online therapy can be just as effective as face to face.    Our sessions will take place using Viper, a very secure, end to end encrypted platform (your data is safe!).  Sessions are scheduled for the same time each week.  Online therapy is not suitable for clients with complex difficulties, self harm, suicidal thoughts or trauma.  If you have any of these, face to face sessions are recommended and will be offered instead.

Walk and Talk

These sessions last for 50 minutes and take place either on the Ashdown Forest or near Rotherfield.  Walk and Talk sessions can be less intense that face-to-face work (and also provide an opportunity for exercise).  There is mounting evidence to support the benefits of walking, fresh air and green space for mental health.  If it is not possible to walk to due to weather, our session will take place at my practice in Crowborough.

Children and Teenagers

Children and teenagers bring their own unique perspective to problems and have a different way of dealing with life challenges.  In these sessions I use a variety of techniques to help children and young people connect and explore their inner world, including art, play dough, sand tray and face to face.  Sessions may be between 30 and 50 minutes depending on the age of the young person.

Anxiety/Therapy Groups

I do run anxiety groups for adults and teens.  The groups can only run when there are enough people to attend them.  I am looking to run a low-cost emotional wellbeing and support group in the near future.  This group will run more as a 'self-help' group vs a therapy groups.

I run other ad-hoc groups during the year.  Please click on the link to see what is available.