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Groups and Workshops

Peri/Menopause Wellbeing Group

This is a new therapy group for peri-menopausal and menopausal ladies.   This can be a difficult and challenge time in a woman's life due to our physical changes which is often in line with changes within our families and personal worlds.  Many women suffer from anxiety and depression, or their anxiety and depression may be exacerbated in this time.  The group aims to offer support to women as they navigate this period.    There will also be a focus on sleep, exercise and diet as these are important factors in good mental health.

Sessions will be held on a Thursday evening for 2 hours and will initially be run for 8 weeks and then we will review and continue if enough members which to continue.    There will be a maximum of 6 group members.  All sessions will cost £30.  

The group starts on 4th January 2024.  

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