Anxiety Groups and Workshops

Anxiety and depression are one of the largest mental health problems across the globe affecting adults and young people alike.  Recently, it seems, anxiety is on the rise with many people reporting feeling anxious and it impacting their daily lives.   The aim of this group is to allow participants to understand their own anxiety and learn coping mechanisms to deal with it so they can begin to get their lives back to normal.

Anxiety Therapy Group -
November 6th - December 18th, 2019

The aim of the group will be to facilitate participants understanding of what anxiety is and to learn coping strategies and techniques and a supportive environment.    The group will meet weekly and during our sessions we will explore our own anxiety via art, drama, reflection and sharing of experiences.


  • Understanding anxiety; environmental factors; basic coping strategies

  • Meeting the beast/taming the animal (part 1) - Using art to understand your anxiety

  • What makes you tick?  Looking at messages and beliefs that may contribute to anxiety.

  • Tolerance of feelings:  How to feel OK even when you don't feel OK

  • Meeting the beast/taming the animal (part 2) - Using drama to develop coping techniques
  • Strokes and Warm Fuzzies - improving self-confidence