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Photo Therapy -

                        Using photography for therapy


I love photography, I love capturing that moment in time, that expression, that feeling, and the images are powerful. 


I am in a fortunate position to be able to bring both photography and psychotherapy together in the theraputic process.  Working with clients around anxiety, depression and negative belief systems, clients are able to use the space and freedom to explore themselves deeper and more creatively, using the camera and the image to express themselves or see how they impact upon their world.  Photography has the ability to bring thoughts and emotions out into the real world and give clients the opportunity to see them in a tangible manner.


This is a great way to work theraputically to explore any anxiety, depression, negative thought processes, self-esteem and body-esteem worries, or as as a way to boost confidence. 


All sessions are 50 minutes and the sessions are paced on based on the clients need.  Not every session will involve the camera. 



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