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Therapy for weight loss

Our eating habits and patterns are complex.  Have you ever found yourself eating because you're bored, lonely, sad or angry; or even not knowing why you're eating?  The use of one substance, any substance, to help eliviate negative thougths or feelings, which later causes more distress or bad feelings is a form of dependence. Slimming programmes and clubs are great and have lots to offer, however, our relationships with food and with our bodies is complex and having the opportunity to explore this relationship and your triggers with a therapist can be life changing.


Individual Sessions


I offer individual sessions to people who would like to lose weight.  Work will focus around your thoughts, feelings and triggers around eating as well as looking at what you are eating.  After assessment, if we are both happy we want to work together, I ask you to agree to a minimum 12 week contract.  This will give us the time to for you to begin to understand yourself and your behaviours and how they are affecting your weight, and begin to learn how to you can change what you do to facilitate your own weight loss. After the initial 12 weeks, it will be up to you if you wish to continue. 


Group Sessions


Group sessions are for 2 hours a week and again last for 12 weeks.  At the end of the 12 weeks you may decide to leave the group or commit for a further 12 weeks.  There are no more than 8 people in each group at any time to provide confidentiality, security and enough time for each member to discuss their thinking, feelings, triggers and beliefs around food and eating.  Individual sessions are available alongside the group work.  There must be enough members in order for the group to run.



If you are interseted in taking control of your weight and would like more information or an assessment please call me on 07948973793, or email me at 


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