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I love you

artwork ©secretunicorn art

Sometimes life is hard and you feel you've made mistakes

Forgive yourself.

Sometimes you feel you deserve all that life throws at you

Be gentle with yourself.

Sometimes it's hard to see anything other than the world inside your mind

Give of yourself.

Sometimes you feel so angry and hateful inside

Be kind to yourself.

Sometimes, even the smallest step forward seems too much or insignificant

Praise yourself for what you have achieved.

Sometimes you feel you can't cope and the world is against you

Be sympathetic to yourself and those around you.

Sometimes people are insensitive and sometimes you are too

Be tolerant of your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Sometimes you just wish it would be better

Understand yourself.

Sometimes you just want the world to wrap you up in its arms and take the pain away

Love yourself - sometimes this the hardest and most important of all.

Artwork by Secretunicorn art. Check out her other amazing pieces here:



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