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Welcome to my practice

We all have times when we experience life as messy, complicated or painful, when clarity and direction are painfully absent.   Any number of situations (in the present and the past) can cause you to feel lost, stressed, anxious, unable to relate to your friends, colleagues or even yourself. I understand how overwhelming these feelings can be, and how isolated you might feel.


I am dedicated to helping you create lasting change.  I can help you on your path of self-discovery and acceptance. I will listen to you compassionately and non-judgementally to understand your individual situation; be interested in your experience and understand your hopes and fears. 

I will provide a safe space for your experience and offer companionship as you navigate the murky waters of self-doubt, uncertainty, shame and loss.

We will work together to build your self-understanding and skills to develop lasting change in your life so that you can express yourself with more ease and clarity in order to develop more satisfying relationships.  You will reduce the amount of time you spend in your head worrying and planning so that you can really be present for those around you.  I will help you recognise old patterns, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs so that you can engage in the activities and relationships you desire, and help you learn new ways to cope with difficult emotions and situations so that you can free yourself from destructive habits and behaviours.


Anxiety.   depression.   relationship breakdown.   emotional support.  self esteem.  bereavement.   substance addiction.   trauma.   

Contact me: 07498837861
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